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Providing the best and latest advancement in record searching available . . .
No, it’s not technology – It’s the “old fashioned way” – Do it in person!


From Gumshoes to Geeks, we cover it all. Our experience dates back to 1967 – before fax machines, computers, databases, internet or online services. The reality is that all of these records start as paper files from inception to completion. We know the “files” contain much more detail than a commercial database provides. We also know where they are, how to search them and obtain files for use as evidence!

So, whether you are searching for the existence of a file or need the documents, we have the experience and methods to supply them for you. We also have specialty comprehensive products for litigation, fraud and subrogation.

Formerly a division of Adam Safeguard, the premier investigation and background experts, The Litigation Discovery Support Group, LLC, focuses on “direct searches” at the source – courts, government agencies of all types, registration agencies, licensing & occupational organizations, and inspection records.  We provide key follow up service in document retrieval.

Litigation Discovery does not rely on database information provided by third parties who claim they provide “billions of records” with national coverage.  Our expertise in the data retrieval field predates this phenomenon.  We have used/accessed/tested most of databases and proven that their so called national coverage is like Swiss cheese!  They are all incomplete, many lacking the necessary information to actually verify the targets – often not providing enough data to facilitate document retrieval!  This causes delays and additional cost to certify records.  Factually, 29% of governmental agency records are not online.  Litigation Discovery’s techniques balance technology with direct contact expertise, providing consistent and quality results every time.

The explosion of online, instant database providers made true search companies look slow and expensive!  Now that the incomplete, inaccurate and missed files are common knowledge, the old gumshoes on the street services have regained their place in the litigation arena.

One of our claims is “We get answers to questions before you ask them”.  In reviewing interrogatories and before depositions, the impact of “knowing” if an answer is truthful or not creates excitement and can dictate the theme for the litigation at hand.

Litigation Discovery is a full service support group!  We still go on the street, talk to people, take photos, do interviews, search records and conduct sub-rosa operations where necessary (gumshoes).  We balance our efforts with social media, computer and web based database expertise (geeks).  We taught claims, SIU and adjustors these methods in the 1990’s before it was “in vogue”.

The bottom line is you need both and must have a standardized progression which dictates the next move while controlling your costs!

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Litigation Discovery’s Principle

  • Is the Architect of the Forensic Abstract
  • Wrote the book “Litigation Management”
  • Taught the insurance industry the use and value of database material before they became popular in the 1980’s – 1990’s
  • Authored/teaches many employment policies aimed at reducing risk and disability for employee lawsuits

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